Chargebacks911 Review: Choosing a Risk Mitigation Company

Chargebacks911 Review: Choosing a Risk Mitigation Company

By In Uncategorized On January 29, 2016

Most merchants eventually come to a point where they need professional assistance to manage chargebacks. Whether merchants are looking for on-demand services or want to completely outsource all responsibility, there are quite a few service providers to choose from. This Chargebacks911 review might help make that decision a little easier.

A Company Overview

Chargebacks911™ is one of the industry’s leading risk mitigation companies, specializing in chargeback prevention and representment.

The services offered by the company fulfil two purposes:

  1. Prevent all possible chargebacks.
  2. Dispute all friendly fraud.

In its relatively short history, Chargebacks911 has surpassed some fairly significant milestones.

  • Chargebacks911 was founded in 2009.
  • Corporate headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida with global offices in Ireland and India.
  • Chargebacks911 is comprised of more than 350 employees and experienced 679% growth in three years, earning recognition on the 5000 list.
  • The company provides global coverage, working with banks, processors, and merchants all over the world.
  • Each month, Chargebacks911 processes more than two million transactions and has overseen one million chargebacks.

Company Characteristics: Them vs. Others

What sets Chargebacks911 apart from other service providers?

  • The co-founders of Chargebacks911 were merchants themselves. They have a real-world understanding of the challenges merchants face on a day-to-day basis.
  • The company has become friendly fraud experts. They detect, prevent and dispute this dishonest customer behavior. This specialization helps merchants retain more revenue.
  • They use a non-technical integration process. There is no need for new clients to change their merchant account, CRM, or processor.
  • Chargebacks911 only concerns themselves with issues related to transaction disputes. They don’t earn a commission from clients’ other industry involvement.
  • Because fraud tactics are constantly evolving, chargeback management efforts must adapt too. Chargebacks911 uses a dynamic approach, staying one step ahead of fraudsters.
  • Most merchants exist in defense mode. They are only able to react to chargebacks. Chargebacks911 helps merchants go on the offensive and be proactive with their management.
  • Fees and costs are disclosed openly and honestly. The company values transparency.
  • Chargebacks911 is interested in developing long-term relationships with merchants to ensure sustainable growth. The company doesn’t generate short-term results to earn a quick buck.
  • Chargebacks911 doesn’t automate the representment process. Automation is subject to technical glitches which could cause errors to appear in the representment document. Chargebacks911’s personal involvement ensures professional disputes that won’t harm the merchant’s reputation with the issuing bank.
  • One of the company’s specialties is detailed reporting. Merchants have access to a client portal, which reports on merchant KPIs in real time.

Products and Services

This Chargebacks911 review is only able to scratch the surface of what the company is capable of. As new fraud tactics emerge, the company creates the technologies and solutions need to handle the threat. New offerings are constantly being added to the product line.

Additionally, each client receives customized services, specifically designed to meet that business’s needs.

Here are some of the products currently being offered by Chargebacks911:

  • Intelligent Source Detection™ identifies the real reason for consumers’ transaction disputes. Chargebacks911 can distinguish legitimate chargebacks from friendly fraud. Understanding the true motivation for the transaction disputes makes it possible to dispute illegitimate claims and retain more revenue.
  • The chargeback alert network offered through Chargebacks911 is more extensive than the networks offered by all other providers combined. The company partners with issuing banks to alert merchants of pending transaction disputes, making it possible to refund customers before chargebacks are finalized.
  • Affiliate Fraud Shield™ ensures a merchant’s advertising campaign increases revenue and decreases risk.
  • The Merchant Compliance Review consists of two parts. First, Chargebacks911 conducts a 106-point inspection of the business’s policies and practices to identify all potential chargeback triggers. Next, the company helps the merchant take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of future chargebacks.
  • The company engages in tactical chargeback representment on their clients’ behalf. Chargebacks911’s strategy recovers revenue that never should have been lost, boasting the industry’s highest win rates. Their strategic efforts also help to improve the merchant’s reputation at the issuing bank level.

If this Chargebacks911 review has piqued your interest, contact the company directly for more information. Chargebacks911 guarantees ROI. If your business won’t benefit from their services, they’ll tell you.

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