Visa Chargeback Reason Codes

Visa Chargeback Reason Codes

By In Information On July 9, 2015

Visa’s Unique Chargeback Reason Codes for Merchants Accepting Visa Payments

Chargeback reason codes are the merchant’s keys to deciphering the customer’s concerns. A customer who contacts his or her issuing bank to file a chargeback will be assigned a case and reason code for the transaction in question.

All major card networks (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) use different code numbers to represent the reasons that define each chargeback.  Below, we break down the reason codes for Visa, one of the world’s most prominent card networks.

Descriptions & Causes for Visa Reason Codes

All card networks use their own unique set of reason codes. Visa chargeback reason codes are two digits which makes them recognizable among the pack.

Card network policies and regulations are constantly evolving. For Visa’s full description of their chargeback policies and reason codes, merchants should thoroughly review Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Services Rules.

The following is an abbreviated version for a more generalized understanding.

Visa Reason Code Description Chargeback Causes
Reason Code 30 Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received The merchant failed in one of the following ways: did not provide the product/service to the customer at all, provided later than expected, or billed the customer before sending the merchandise.
Reason Code 41 Cancelled Recurring Transaction The cardholder’s account was charged a recurring fee after the account was closed or the order was cancelled.
Reason Code 53 Not as Described or Defective Merchandise The product or service received was damaged, not as described, or inadequate for its intended purpose.
Reason Code 57 Fraudulent Multiple Transactions Multiple transactions took place through the same merchant without authorization from the cardholder.
Reason Code 62 Counterfeit Transaction The transaction was completed using a counterfeit credit card that was not stopped by the merchant.
Reason Code 70 Account Number on Exception File The merchant did not initially obtain account authorization, and once reviewed; the account number either received a negative authorization or was on the exception file.
Reason Code 71 Declined Authorization A declined transaction was completed without authorization.
Reason Code 72 No Authorization A transaction exceeding the merchant’s floor limit was completed without authorization.
Reason Code 73 Expired Card A customer conducted a transaction with an expired card and the merchant did not receive authorization.
Reason Code 74 Late Presentment The transaction was not processed within the required time limit.
Reason Code 75 Transaction Not Recognized The cardholder does not recognize a card-not-present transaction. The cardholder does not recognize a card-not-present transaction and the acquirer did not supply retrieval request.
Reason Code 76 Incorrect Currency or Transaction Code or Domestic Transaction Processing Violation The customer was not notified of a currency exchange, or the transaction was processed using an incorrect transaction code.
Reason Code 77 Non-Matching Account Number The customer’s account number does not match the account number on file at the issuer.
Reason Code 78 Service Code Violation Authorization was not obtained on a card in a service code range.
Reason Code 80 Incorrect Transaction Amount or Account Number Transaction was processed through the acquirer using incorrect information.
Reason Code 81 Fraud—Card-Present Environment Transaction processed in person without the approval of both a signature or PIN and card imprint.
Reason Code 82 Duplicate Processing The same transaction was processed more than one time.
Reason Code 83 Fraud—Card-Absent Environment Transaction was processed electronically or MOTO by someone who is not the official cardholder.
Reason Code 85 Credit Not Processed The customer’s account was cancelled or product was returned and they were not credited for the amount of the product.
Reason Code 86 Paid by Other Means A transaction was posted to the cardholder’s account, but was paid by other means.
Reason Code 90 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Tran Value at ATM/Load Customer requested funds through an ATM or alternative program but the funds were not received.
Reason Code 93 Risk Identification Services The transaction was marked on the “Risk Identification Service Chargeback Exception” report at the customer’s Issuing bank.

Reason Codes Can Be a Merchant Tool or a Liability

Chargeback codes are helpful for everyone involved, particularly merchants. By understanding the reason the chargeback was filed, the merchant is able to detect the source and make changes that can prevent this type of chargeback from happening in the future.

In addition, reason codes allow banks and processors to determine time frames and the proof necessary for a merchant or customer to win a chargeback dispute.

However, reason codes aren’t as descriptive as they once were. Because of the ever evolving eCommerce landscape, trends such as friendly fraud and credit card fraud can muddy the reason code waters and skew the merchant’s interpretation. While the banks do their best to accurately present each chargeback case, fraudsters and dishonest cardholders can slip through the cracks.

It is important for all merchants to complete their due diligence in reviewing past cases in order to better understand how to prevent and fight chargebacks. However, for merchants who want to focus on what they do best—retain customers and acquire new ones—we are here to help.

We may know our fair share about Visa chargeback reason codes, but they’re not our only area of expertise. Chargebacks are complicated to understand, to prevent, and to fight. Because all chargeback are different, they must be prevented and fought in a unique and personalized way. The only way to accomplish this is if the source is diagnosed and the dispute is conducted by an actual person.

Dispute Chargebacks is a merchant risk mitigation firm that not only helps merchant’s prevent chargebacks, but also fights chargebacks. For more information on our services, Visa chargeback reason codes, or any other chargeback management issue, contact us today.